Smart Teacher

Are you a Smart Teacher?

A Smart Teacher is an educator who engages in life long learning; a trusted and respected professional; a connected educator; a collaborator who engages in collaborative relationships that foster respect, trust, appreciation and cooperation; a facilitator who promotes independent learning; a trusted, educational and career guide; a counselor who heals the mind; a trainer who engages in developing 21st century skills; a community leader and a role model.

எதற்காக கல்வி? காசுக்காகவா?

ஆசிரியர் எப்படி இருக்க வேண்டும்?

Professional Development for Educators

  • Smart Skills for 21st Century Educator
  • Social Media in Education
  • Life Skills for Smart Teachers
  • Classroom Management for Smart Teachers
  • Guidance and Counseling Skills for Smart Educators
  • Workshop for Principals on SMART Education Planning