After School Program - ASP

Smart Learning Zone - SLZ

Our After School Program is branded as Smart Learning Zone.

The Smart Learning Zone is the great place to go after school. The SLZ administers various activities to provide a safe, stable, and structured environment for children to acquire aptitude for learning and to develop life skills. 

After School Clubs (ASC) 

ASCs are a way to add new life and enthusiasm into the SLZ.
ASCs are a combination of all the best aspects of an after-school program. They can include games, arts & crafts, learning components & special events. They are also designed to fit a certain theme.
There will be an opportunity for the children to choose what they would like to do and suggest ideas for future activities.

In a SLZ learning begins from home-learning club. Then learners go to the club of their choice, they have many to choose from Arts & Crafts, Thinking Skills Club, Learning Skills Club, Reading Circle. inside and outside games club and many more.

Proposed Clubs:

  • Home-learning Club
A facilitator supervised club where children of certain grade are grouped in to small circles to complete their homework and review the lessons done at school.
  • Thinking Skills Club

“A teacher-led club where students play games, develop cognitive skills and have fun.”

  • Reading Club

A daily schedule specifically dedicated to reading.  Younger children can be read to, while older children can read on their own if they wish.  Children will read story books of their interest and other books of their choice.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Games Club etc.